Changsha Yusan Industry Co., Ltd is specialized in the advanced industrial products of industrial cleaning agents and it's raw materials. Our products are widely used in paper-making assistants, oil field drilling additive, release agent for rubber, processing agent for fur, wool spinning printing and dyeing auxiliary, metal processing agent, antifoaming agent and surface active agent, etc.

                    We also acting as an exporter of our customers' products, like : all kinds of spray nozzle, etc.

                    We are always engaged in the work on looking for excellent suited product, reducing use-cost of customer, improving the quality product of customer and enhancing productivity of customer. And it is the company of technical service-oriented product manufacturing who cooperative develops new product with customers.

                    Our Products and Service Mainly for :

                    A) Cleaning agent
                    B) Metal processing fluid/metal cutting oil
                    C) Surface active agent
                    D) Raw materials for above products.
                    E) Industrial spray nozzle

                    F) Fountion……

                    Auto extinguishing valve, hanging fire sprinkler nozzle

                    Early Suppression Fast Response Fire Sprinklers(YSP708)

                    Fusible alloy brass nozzle sprinkler(YSP707)

                    Concealed glass ball fire protection sprinkler(YSP706)

                    Glass ball watering sprinkler head/fire protection nozzle(YSP705)

                    Multi nozzle Fine Mist Fire Protection Spray Nozzle(YSP704)

                    High pressure fire protection water misting nozzle-open(YSP703)

                    High pressure fire protection fine atomizing nozzle-close type(YSP702)

                    Ruby cutting nozzle.ruby water knife nozzle(YSP906)

                    Vortex nozzle(YSP905)

                    Mixing fluid eductor nozzle(YSP904)

                    Toggle clip/toggle fastener nozzle